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10th October 2012

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Mindy and Raniero →

Ever wondered if Mindy becomes a vampire with Raniero?  I wrote a little short story for this blog’s Halloween celebration to satisfy your curiosity.  :-)

20th July 2012

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Winner Announced! →

Congrats to Amy, who won the first bound copy of Jess and Lucius’s wedding.  If you didn’t win and would like to buy a copy, here’s the link.  And thanks to all who entered!

19th July 2012


Deadline for Wedding Book Giveaway Approaching! →

There’s still time to enter to win a copy of Jess and Lucius’s wedding.  Odds are actually pretty good!  Good luck!

6th July 2012

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Jess and Lucius's Wedding Now "Mini Book" →

So many of you asked for the chance to get a bound copy of Jess and Lucius’s wedding story that I’ve finally published it.  The book is tiny, to keep it as affordable as possible, but created to fit in with the series.  You can also enter to win the very first copy, hot off the presses, at http://apps.bethfantaskey.com/blog/

20th May 2012


Rochester Teen Book Festival

Thanks to everyone who made the Rochester Teen Book Festival so fantastic!  What an amazing event!

17th May 2012

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Going to the Rochester Teen Book Festival! →

11th May 2012


Interview and Giveaway! →

29th March 2012

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Read Bonus Jessica Rules Chapters and Enter to Win Books! →

25th March 2012


Enter to Win a Signed Copy of Jessica Rules →

21st March 2012

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Guest Blogging on "Luck" →

I didn’t know that I believed in luck until I was asked to guest blog about it!  :-)